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There are two things you need to know about our food.  First we use local - seasonal ingredients.  Second, our dough is housemade and thin crust.  Seasonal does mean that the whole menu will change regularly.  However, we do have a thin crust traditional pizza as well, my favorite, which does not change.

Let me start by giving you some background.

In 1953, Red and Moe, two Chicago boys came south to Columbia to open the Pizza House on North 9th St.  They brought with them the recipes they were using in Chicago that years later would be called the Chicago style crust.  Over the years, that orginal style has become almost extinct due to the evolution of "more is better". 

The Chicago-Style Thin Crust is sometimes referred to as "tavern pizza."  Dough is made from low protein flour and contains a low water content, a high percentage of vegetable oil, and fast-acting dry yeast with a short fermentation time.  For a unique flavor, dough is never hand-stretched, but is instead rolled out in advance using a rolling pin or a mechanical dough sheeter.  This method produces a flat, tight crust with no raised edges. 

While vacationing in Italy several years ago, I stayed in the Tuscany Region in a small village called Barbarino.  One evening, I happened onto a family party at their local pizzeria.  Everything was old style, the pizzeria was in a park open only for dinner, bocce ball (men only) was played seriously, waiters wore aprons, there were checkered table cloths, and the wine was served from a jug into water glasses. 

The romance of it all was something. It's where I think the Chicago style pizza crust must have come from. If you know this to be different...don't tell me.

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